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Real estate can be one of the biggest purchases one can make. Make sure you have someone representing your interests. Landon can help with your Residential Real Estate or Commercial Real Estate issues.

Attorney Landon A.Dunn has over 35 years of experience with real estate matters

Real Estate Closing

Residential Real Estate Closings Matthews NC

Real estate closing operation is the practice of transferring titles of ownership from one asset to another via a Deed anchored in the amount agreed upon. Stated differently, Closing completes the transaction.

 In Real Estate Closing involves lots of preparation and documents, such as Deeds, Closing Disclosures, and Title Insurance Documents.

At Landon A. Dunn, our Real Estate lawyers can handle your residential closing and provide legal advice for your real estate needs from start to finish.

Our Landon A. Dunn real estate lawyers and Settlement Agents make sure that your Deed is recorded properly.

As soon as you enter a purchase contract for real estate, you should start preparing for the finalization process of the transaction to make the property yours legally.

We work closely with our clients, and their realtors to ensure accurate and quality preparation of documents and foster a smooth process of Closing.

Our attorneys can organize and draft the original purchase contract and also guide your next actions.

Experienced Real Estate Deals And Land Use Attorneys

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Our attorneys are familiar with handling residential and commercial real estate transactions since they have represented sellers and buyers in hundreds of deals in Charlotte, North Carolina involving unoccupied land, new buildings, single lodgings, multiple-family houses, apartment buildings, condominium units, cooperative apartments, mixed-use constructions, as well as commercial parcels.

Attorneys Offering Comprehensive And Profitable Real Estate Representation

We provide comprehensive representation for our esteemed clients in the domain of real estate dealings and land use.

In doing so, the firm offers customers every benefit of a licensed company plus the assurance of having seasoned lawyers defending their interests.

Our wide-ranging services include the following:

  • Residential Real Estate Closings
  • Commercial Real Estate Closings
  • Condominium and Cooperative (Co-Op) Closings
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Refinance
  • Land use approvals
  • Residential and commercial leases, subleasing agreements and assignment as well as assumption of leases
  • Zoning and planning
  • Lot line improvements
  • Architectural review
  • Variances
  • Subdivisions

The real estate attorneys at Landon A. Dunn offer clients a highly personalized service which is usually lacking in bigger firms and have vast experience with both small and high-value negotiations.

Residential Real Estate Transaction

Our lawyers are aware that the acquisition and future sale of a residence will possibly be the biggest, most significant business deal of your life.

To facilitate smooth and appropriate handling of a residential sale or purchase, both the buyer and seller should consult a legal representative that is experienced with local laws and practices involving real estate.

We have residential real estate lawyers who are committed to helping all our clients to protect their rights by dispensing assistance on the subject of contract drafting and review, title assessment, preparation of the closing document, review of closing documents, and other post-closing matters.

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It is always best to get in touch with our real estate attorneys before you sign any contract; however, even if you didn’t consult our lawyers during your opening negotiations, we are still capable of helping you conclude the transaction and also identify any potential problems or issues that may arise.

Residential real estate dealings usually require experience in the spheres of contract law, land use law, tax laws, as well as financing. All our attorneys are well versed in these areas and function together to deal with every facet of your transaction.

Here, at Landon A. Dunn we are willing to offer pre-sale consultation during which we will talk, in advance, about the transaction details, closing fees, and costs, plus our services rendered. We take pride in our thorough and swift completion of every residential property transaction that we undertake and we also ensure that each asset is free of all obstacles when closing the transaction.

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Landon A. Dunn has been involved in successfully closing numerous commercial transactions, such as sales and purchases of hotels, office buildings, and shopping centers, assisted living facilities, gas stations, and raw land.

Our firm has experience with handling investments in real estate and leasing affairs, ranging from moderate to multi-million dollar transactions.

The majority of our clientele are satisfied, returning customers who regularly call on our real estate attorneys to represent them in all their land and property matters.

Our lawyers understand that every single commercial real estate business is exclusive and draft purchase contracts specifically tailored to every project’s requirements.

Efficient Legal Representation Designed To Avoid Future Problems

For clientele who are interested in purchasing real estate, we offer professional guidance to boost their efforts to embark on due diligence before making their acquisition.

Prior to our customer’s completion of the business deal, we review surveys, property inspections, title reports, environmental evaluations, homeowners association materials, and water tests, to guarantee that our client is well informed before they make their final decision to invest in any property.

For those customers who want to sell their assets, we take necessary steps to skillfully draft a sales contract which will provide them with strong protection while ensuring that the operation proceeds with a minimum amount of probable liability possible for any post-closing issue in every transaction.

Our lawyers are also well-informed about the financing procedure, which we utilize for the protection of our clients in each transaction.

When needed, we are ready to help our clients to navigate through the process of financing when dealing with mortgage brokers, traditional lenders, or when they seek to obtain FHA or VA loans, or any other alternative lending mechanisms.

We can also assist our esteemed clients with negotiating and drafting of Commercial and Residential Leases, Sub-Leasing Agreements, Leasing Assignment and Assumption, Option Agreements, and Cohabitation Agreements.

Learn More About Landon A. Dunn

Our attorneys are familiar with Landed Property Closings in Charlotte North Carolina as well as its surrounding communities. Whether you are seeking representation and counsel on transactions in real estate, like an agreement on property purchase, or support with litigation matters concerning real estate, we encourage you to contact our team of experienced lawyers for a consultation.

Landon A Dunn, Attorney At Law Can Help With Your Residential Closing And Provide Legal Advice For Your Real Estate Needs.

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The closing process really starts when you have a signed purchase and sale agreement. That agreement usually specifies a closing date when the deal will be finished. Expect it to take four to six weeks. This is the time period people mean when they say they are “in escrow.” During that time you’ll be collecting boxes, maybe having a garage sale, and starting the fun of packing your stuff while an intricate series of events begins with your real estate agent, the title company and/or real estate attorney, and your lender working to pull it off by the agreed-upon date.

Commercial Real Estate Closings Matthews NC

Every transaction will go through escrow, signing authority verification, due diligence, and signing and processing title and closing documents. Just like when you purchase a home, escrow is an important part of the commercial real estate closing process.

Landon A Dunn, Attorney At Law Can Help With Your Commercial Real Estate Closing And Provide Legal Advice For Your Real Estate Needs.

Title Research

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A title search is an examination of the public records that discovers any liens, defects, restrictions, easements, etc. to which a property may be subject. A title search provides information to the requester (usually an attorney for North Carolina closings) that explains how or whether a property can be conveyed with a “clean title”. The attorney uses this information to acquire loan payoffs, tax bills due, judgment or lien payoffs, etc. in order to “clear” the title for the next owner.

Landon A Dunn, Attorney At Law Can Help With Your Commercial Real Estate Closing And Provide Legal Advice For Your Real Estate Needs.

Drafting Of Deeds, Promissory Notes, And Deeds Of Trust

Most real estate transactions involve these 3 legal documents, in addition to a ton of closing documents. The Deed is the legal document through which someone acquires ownership of property. A Promissory Note is a borrower promise to repay the loan they took to buy the house. The Mortgage is a real estate legal document that secures the buyers’ promise to repay the Promissory Note with the house. Therefore, if the buyer defaults on the Promissory Note, then the lender can foreclose on the house through the legal terms of the Mortgage.

Landon A Dunn, Attorney At Law Can Help With Your Residential Closing And Provide Legal Advice For Your Real Estate Needs.


Refinancing may refer to the replacement of an existing debt obligation with another debt obligation under different terms. The terms and conditions of refinancing may vary widely by country, province, or state, based on several economic factors such as inherent risk, projected risk, banking regulations, borrower’s creditworthiness, and credit rating.

Landon A Dunn, Attorney At Law Can Help With Your Real Estate Closing And Provide Legal Advice For Your Real Estate Needs.

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